CR700 Best Value For Crane

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Our new CR700 was developed to further optimize cranes based on the concepts of Flexible, Easy, Sustainable.
Yaskawa can now deliver the most ideal “answers” for various tasks related to the operation of cranes, including brake sequences that have evolved from the technologies we have developed to date.

By revolutionizing your facilities and machines, the CR700 will increase productivity, save energy efficiently, reduce total costs, with enhanced environmental compatibilities.

Brake Sequence

Anti-Sway Control

High-speed Operation at Light Loads

3-Motor Switching Function

Performance Life Monitors

Crane Maintenance Monitor

The monitor keeps a count of the number of brake commands. This information is helpful in determining brake maintenance schedules for inspecting system and replacing parts.


  • 3 phase-200V: 5.0 ~ 130 Kw
  • 3 phase-400V: 5.0 ~ 630 Kw
  • Control menthod: sin-ware PWM control
  • Communication Network:
  • Standard: RS – 422/485 Modbus
  • Option: DeviceNet, CanOpen, Profibus-DP…
  • Keypad operator: standard multi-lingual, full text remote LCD, copy function.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: - 10 ~ 50 0C
  • Ambient Operating Humidity: ~ 95%
  • Protective Function:
  • Fuse burnout
  • Instantaneous Overcurrent: 250% of rated output current
  • Overload Protection: 150% rated output for one minute
  • Over-voltage and Power Loss Protection
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Content
  • Ground Fault Protection

Safety standard:

UL508C, IEC61800-5-1, IEC61800-3

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