Inverter D1000 Yaskawa

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As we know, we can save more energy with AC drive, with the high efficiency motor, and now we can save energy with the third way: “ power regeneration “. The D1000 regenerative converter unit from YASKAWA saves energy and space. Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and systems of inverter drives, servo axes or robots, the D1000 feeds excess braking energy back into the grid instead of converting it into heat. This not only reduces energy consumption and cost but also contributes to the protection of our environment.

Save electricity with power regeneration:

Extremely low power supply hamonics, improve power factor

Connect with multiple units with supply stable DC voltages, the braking energy of one drive is consumed by other drives in the system.

Easily and visually monitor all sorts of data by analog output and communication network.

Less installation space as braking transistors and resistors are not required, less manitenance work than systems with braking resistors.


  • 3 phase-200V: 5.0 ~ 130 Kw
  • 3 phase-400V: 5.0 ~ 630 Kw
  • Control menthod: sin-ware PWM control
  • Communication Network:
  • Standard: RS – 422/485 Modbus
  • Option: DeviceNet, CanOpen, Profibus-DP…
  • Keypad operator: standard multi-lingual, full text remote LCD, copy function.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: - 10 ~ 50 0C
  • Ambient Operating Humidity: ~ 95%
  • Protective Function:
  • Fuse burnout
  • Instantaneous Overcurrent: 250% of rated output current
  • Overload Protection: 150% rated output for one minute
  • Over-voltage and Power Loss Protection
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Content
  • Ground Fault Protection

Safety standard:

UL508C, IEC61800-5-1, IEC61800-3

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