A1000 - High Performance Vector Control

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A top quality drive: silent, beautiful, and incredibly powerful. Perfectly designed functions open a new field with A1000. Integrating the latest vector control technology in a general purpose drive with the performance of a higher order demanded by the drives industry.

The Most Advanced Drive Technology

Rotor Positioning without Motor Encoder

Loaded with Auto-Tuning Features

Smooth Operation

Noise Reduction

Suppressing Power Supply Harmonics

Safety Regulations


  • 3 phase-200V: 0.4 ~ 110 kW
  • 3 phase-400V: 0.4 ~ 315 kW
  • Control menthod: V/f Control, Closed Loop V/f Control, Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control, Advanced Open Loop Vector Control, PM Open Loop Vector Control, PM Advanced Open Loop Vector Control, PM Closed Loop Vector Control, EZ Open Loop Vector Control

Aplication Heavy Duty

Aplication Normal Duty

Catalogue Yaskawa A1000 Download

MeDes Config Script