Yaskawa R1000 The solution is in "power regeneration"

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The power regenerative unit has braking and regenerative functions that returns load-energy to the power supply. Use with an AC drive demonstrates superior energy-saving capability in applications with high minus loads such as with cranes and vertical transport lifters.

Add the R1000 to save even more energy.

Replacing Breaking Resistor

Increased braking torque provides more braking power with continuous regenerative operation.

Energy Savings That You Can See

Performance Life Monitors

Terminal Board with a Parameter Backup Function


  • 3 phase-200V: 3.5 ~ 105 kW
  • 3 phase-400V: 3.5 ~ 300 kW

Conveyance Equipment

Robot, Textiles and Metal Fabrication

Chemical Plants and Food Processing

Paper Manufacturing and Printers


Catalogue Yaskawa R1000 Download

MeDes Config Script