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Inverter Yaskawa Varispeed G7 with Advanced Functions & Environmentally Friendly!
Genuine Vector Control Inverter.
Inverter Yaskawa Varispeed G7 seek high performance and ease of use for applications environments Anywhere in the world. The meet high technical demands for performance and functionality. The 400 V Class is the first in the world to use a 3-level control method in a general-purpose Inverter. This new control technique solves the problem of microsurges, and makes it possible to use the Varispeed G7 on existing motors with confidence.

TLCD keypad display: 5 lines x 16 characters, backlit, 7 languages, copy function
Simple programming: Quick start and modified parameter groups
Microprocessor logic: 32-bit
Memory type: Flash memory for easy updates, custom software applications, and non-volatile program retention
Control logic: 24 VDC (sinking or sourcing)
Terminal strip: Quick disconnect
Front cover: Split for easy wiring
Heat sink fan: Plug-in with on-off control
Motor auto-tuning: Static and rotational
Speed search: Bi-directional into rotating motor
Process control: PID, reference with PID trim
Motor parameters: 2 sets
Stopping methods: Ramp stop, coast stop, fast stop, or high-slip braking
DC injection braking: Adjustable level and time
Speed reference presets: 17 available
Timer function: Programmable on / off delay
Digital M.O.P.: Up / down / hold / reset reference
Bias and gain: All analog and pulse train I/O
Common DC bus capability: All models
Dynamic braking transistor: 15Kw and below (240 VAC), 15Kw and below (480 VAC)
DC bus choke: 25 HP and above (240 VAC) 30 HP and above (480 VAC)
Twelve-pulse capability: 25 HP and above (240 VAC), 30 HP and above (480 VAC)
Control Method: Sine wave PWM

Flux Loop Vector Control
Open Loop Vector Control 1 and 2
V/f Control
V/f with PG Control

Starting Torque:

150% at 0.3Hz (Open Loop Vector Control 2)
150% at 0r/min (Flux Loop Vector Control)

Speed Control Range:

1 : 200 (Open Loop Vector Control 2)
1 : 1000 (Flux Loop Vector Control)

Speed Control Accuracy:

±0.2%*8(Open Loop Vector Control 2at 25±10˚C),
±0.02% (Flux Loop Vector Control at 25±10˚C)

Speed Response:

10Hz (Open Loop Vector Control 2)
40Hz (Flux Loop Vector Control)

Torque Limit: Vector Control allows separate settings in four quadrants.
Torque Accuracy: ±5%
Frequency Control Range: 0.01to 400Hz
Frequency Accuracy (Temperature Fluctuation):

Digital reference: ±0.01%, −10to +40˚C
Analog reference: ±0.1%, 25±10˚C

Frequency Setting Resolution:

Digital reference: 0.01Hz;
Analog reference: 0.03/60Hz (11bit signed)

Output Frequency Resolution: 0.001Hz

Overload Tolerance:

150% of rated output current for 1min.
200% of rated output current for 0.5s

Frequency Setting Signal: −10 -- +10V, 0 -- 10V, 4 -- 20mA, pulse train

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